Unearthed & Undone

“Unearthed & Undone” is a book of original poetry and prose. The author approached me to create custom illustrations for her debut book along with a cover design and layout. The central themes of the book are growth and strength. To reflect this in the cover design, I illustrated a seedling on the front cover that wraps around the spine of the book and grows into a lush plant on the back cover. This limited edition book is printed on natural white paper and features a perfect bind.

Category: Illustration
Role: Design, Illustration, Layout, Production

Image of a teal book on a yellow background. The book title reads unearthed & undone in white cursive and is accompanied by an illustration of a small plant.

Cover design for unearthed & undone showcasing the front cover, back cover, and spine of the book. The book cover is teal with white text and a continuous line drawing of a small plant growing into larger plant.

Image of a small stack of books next to an open book showcasing the book cover design and opening spread of unearthed & undone.

Animated gif flipping through various pages of the book unearthed & undone.

“I can’t thank you enough for being the creative you are and making my vision a reality. I knew I wanted to create this book and the idea of how I wanted it to be, but you were the one who truly transformed my words into imagery and completed my feelings, thoughts, and emotions into something greater.”

-Author of Unearthed & Undone