“In today’s social-political climate there is a tendency to focus on how we differ, Prompt focuses on what connects us: our humanity.” Podcast creator and host Arielle Beth Klein will ask guests of various backgrounds the same prompt question to see how their experiences compare. I worked with Arielle to design the album artwork: a flow-chart inspired design that is a visual representation of how a train of thought works. Icons related to conversation and humanity are connected by various styles of arrows, representing the various perspectives of participants.

Client: Arielle Beth Klein
Category: Key Art Design
Role: Concept, Design, Illustration

Season 1 was released in November 2019. Listen here.


Album Artwork

Branded Merchandise


Working with Lauren always reinforces that my ideas are worth listening to. I’ve come to her with various story-based projects and throughout the process, even if I am unsure of what the design should look like, Lauren knows how to take my ramblings and ideas and emotions and put them into design that captures my brand. She loves this work and her clients. Lauren will always ask for feedback and takes it to heart, which makes it feel like a true collaboration.”

-Arielle Beth Klein, creator & host of Prompt