My Shiksa Boyfriend

Written and performed by Arielle Beth Klein, My Shiksa Boyfriend is a solo show that explores dating, religion, and identity. I worked with Arielle to design key artwork that captures the comedic yet dramatic essence of the show: grappling with how to honor one’s Jewish heritage in the modern world.

Client: Arielle Beth Klein and New Yiddish Rep
Category: Key Art Design
Role: Concept, Design, Illustration

My Shiksa Boyfriend premiered in October 2018 at New Yiddish Rep in New York City, NY.

My Shiksa Boyfriend - art card

Key Art

My Shiksa Boyfriend - poster

PosterMy Shiksa Boyfriend - gif
Animated Gif for InstagramMy Shiksa Boyfriend - New Yiddish Homepage

Facebook Event and NJ Arts Maven Blog Article

Production Photos from the off-Broadway performance at The Barrow Group

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