The Wayashe Lives

Jessica Wayashe is a fitness professional. With years of running, coaching, and fundraising experience, Jess decided to create her own coaching, training, and consulting business. Jessica’s driving mission for The Wayashe Lives is to build confidence, connection, and community through conversation and movement. I worked closely with Jess to establish her visual brand and redesign her website. The goal: create a visual identity and polished website to communicate her mission and help facilitate the growth of her fitness business.

Client: Jessica Wayashe, The Wayashe Lives
Category: Branding and Website
Role: Design, Development

Mood Board + Color Palette

We started the process by creating a mood board. Jessica found inspiration imagery that fit the aesthetic she wanted to emulate and from here I was able to articulate a tone and color palette for her brand. I separated the board into three categories: dark & edgy, muted & natural, light & bright. These competing themes mirror Jessica’s duality of vulnerability and strength. I kept these themes in mind while designing the entirety of her visual brand.

Six circles of color: yellow, navy, tan, sky blue, purple haze, and red

Icon + Wordmark

Jessica needed a flexible logo that could work across a variety of platforms. I created an icon and wordmark that work on their own and in conjunction with one another. We knew we wanted to create something strong, sleek, and athletic with an emphasis on connection and community. After exploring a few visual styles we ended up with a clean icon made up of two overlapping triangular forms. These intersecting forms were inspired by the idea of connection and are a homage to the mountains in Jess’ Run Across Haiti tattoo.

The Wayashe Lives logos

Brand Extensions

Icons for Jessica’s website and social media profiles, a newsletter sign up form, and a flexible pattern design.

Icon designs, newsletter sign up form, and pattern for The Wayashe LivesWebsite

As Jessica continues to build her business, her website is primarily used as a platform for her to introduce herself, her mission, and the services she offers to her client. Long-term Jess has some big plans to add more content, but for now, we opted for a simple and sleek design that clearly outlines Jessica’ story and how she can help clients with their fitness goals

A scrolling gif of the website


A thought-provoking podcast about womanhood, spirituality, wellness, current events, and culture.

“My favorite part of the process was seeing the project come to life, and how well Lauren could translate my likes from a vision board into a color scheme, mood, font, and flow for my new branding and website.”

-Jessica Wayashe, The Wayashe Lives