Frame Your Story

Frame Your Story is a non-profit organization that uses cameras to empower refugee youth, inspire global connections, and strengthens communities. I worked closely with the founder, Beatrice Schachenmayr, to design a logo that communicates the global impact that photography can have for these young students. I designed a logo and icon inspired by a camera aperture and the interconnectedness that the program fosters.

Client: Frame Your Story
Category: Branding
Role: Concept, Design

Logo and Icon

Tote Bag and Stickers



“Lauren listened to my ideas, learned about the project’s mission and met me with some more ideas for the design that would really convey the project. This vision evolved as we spent time adjusting and readjusting. Designing a logo, I learned, isn’t such an easy process but Lauren was patient with me and open to experiment and in the end we (she) created something we both love. Thanks, Lauren!”

-Beatrice Schachenmayr, Founder of Frame Your Story